Oriental Cats in the UK

Pictures of some UK Oriental Longhairs
Blue OLH
Chatonel Mistybluexpress - Blue
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Chocolate OLH
Lipema Shimazaki - Chocolate
Lilac OLH
Jardinage Penny Royale - Lilac
White OLH
Chatonel Snowball Express - Blue-eyed White
Red Silver Shaded OLH
Palantir Wazatayriphyng - Red Silver Shaded
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Red Shaded OLH
Palantir Redyorknot - Red Shaded
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Black OLH
Abonella Spider Man - Black
OLH Variant
Loricha Maidtoorder - Chocolate Silver Shaded Variant
Black Silver Tabby OLH and their daughter

Loricha Eclipse - Black Silver Tabby

Black Silver Tabby OLH

and son
Loricha Midnite Cowboy - Black Silver Tabby

photo Bedford Times & Citizen

Best of Provisional Breeds Neuter at the 2000 Supreme Show
Black Silver Tabby OLH
Cinnamon OLH

Mistytor Cappuccino - Cinnamon
Chocolate Tortie OLH

Ronsline Celestial Dawn - Chocolate Tortie
Lilac OLH

Shimergae Fantasia - Lilac
Best of Provisional Breeds Kitten at the 1999 Supreme Show
Chocolate OLH

Hindarfiall Tazzmania - Chocolate
Caramel Shaded OLH

Loricha Kadabra - Caramel Shaded
Best of Provisional Breeds Adult at the 2001 Supreme Show

Cream Silver Tabby OLH

Sirongyu Champagne Charlie - Cream Silver Tabby
Blue Tortie Tabby OLH

Swe-Scot Winnona - Blue Tortie Tabby

(imported from Sweden)

photos by Alan Robinson

Blue Tortie Tabby OLH
Choc Silver Shaded OLH

Grand Champion Loricha Mogwai - Chocolate Silver Shaded

photos by Alan Robinson

Choc Silver Shaded OLH
Choc Silver Shaded OLH
Choc Tortie Silver Shaded OLH Choc Tortie Silver Shaded OLH

Palantir Proprlytlmadm - Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded

photos by Alan Robinson

Tortie Tabby OLH

Champion Aprikat Starsnshadows - Tortie Tabby
Black OLH

Premier Aprikat Skyryder - Black
Black Silver Shaded Caramel Tabby
Pippastro Moonliteshadow - Black Silver Shaded

Best of Variety Oriental Kitten at the 2003 Supreme Show

Champion & Premier Bundook Ohm Maid - Caramel Tabby

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