Oriental Longhair Breed Club

The Club was formed in August 1991 to encourage the breeding and showing of Oriental Longhair cats under GCCF Rules.

We were granted Affiliation to the GCCF at the Council meeting on 25th June 1997.

Club members include not only breeders, but Oriental Longhair owners and other people who just like them even if they are not owned by one.


    What the Club Does
The aims of the Club are

As soon as it was inaugurated, the Club was instrumental in drawing up a revised Standard of Points, in line with that of the Oriental Shorthairs, and a Registration Policy for Oriental Longhairs.

Our hard work and support for the breed paid off and the application for progression was approved at the October 1997 Council meeting: from 1st June 1998 Oriental Longhairs had Provisional status. Further hard work, and successful breeding and showing, resulted in Championship status from 1st June 2003.


Like all GCCF Clubs, the Club has a welfare officer who helps with the rescue and rehoming of unwanted, neglected or stray Oriental Longhairs. Luckily, as it is a numerically small breed, few need rescuing or rehoming, but there are sometimes one or two available.


    Standards of Points & Judges
As the only GCCF Affiliated Breed Club for Oriental Longhairs, the Club also forms the Oriental Longhair Breed Advisory Committee which is part of the Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee.

The OJBAC, formed by the Oriental Self, Oriental Non-Self and Oriental Longhair BACs, consists of representatives from each of the Oriental Clubs and meets two or three times a year; it proposes changes to the Standards of Points or Registration Policy when necessary, as well as monitoring the candidates in the Judge Appointment schemes and proposing suitable candidates (who have completed the appropriate training scheme) for appointment as Judges of Oriental Selfs, Oriental Non-Selfs or Oriental Longhairs. These proposals then have to be approved at a GCCF Council meeting by delegates from all the Affiliated Clubs.


The club's first show, in conjunction with the Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club and Midshores Siamese Cat Association shows, will be held at Ettington on 1 August 2015. See here for details.

As a Championship status breed Oriental Longhairs have Breed classes in the Oriental Section. All colours are judged together in the same class

The Club offers rosettes to Oriental Longhairs which are awarded Certificates, as well as offering Points Trophies to our members. As an Affiliated Club we are able to put on Club classes at GCCF Championship Shows.

AngoraThe Club has an information table at some shows.

This is Summerdown De Yow, a Red Tabby Oriental Longhair kitten, helping to sort the papers on the club table at the Supreme Show 1998.


In addition to the Members' Newsletter, the Club produces two booklets:

(These prices do not include overseas postage for Non-Members)


    How to get a kitten
Our members sometimes have kittens available, but you may have to wait for what you want or be prepared to travel, as Oriental Longhairs are not common.

You can try emailing:
Gavin Tasker - Gloucestersire
Jackie Rice - Somerset
Sylvia Smith - Essex


    How to Join the Club
Please print out the application form and send it by post.

For further information about the OLBC please e-mail the Honorary Secretary.

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